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Contact us

Address : Lower Elliot Street, Tyldesley. Greater Manchester. M29 8GX

tyldesleystgeorgechurch@gmail.com Contact for arranging Pastoral Needs, Weddings & Funerals.

Area Dean / Team Rector:

The Revd Martin Brian Cox: 01942 883313  atmcteamrector@gmail.com

Team Vicar - Post advertised

Team Administrator:  Susie: 07873 149627  atmcteamclerk@gmail.com

Contact for arranging Baptisms

Susie Mallon: 07873 149627 atmcteamclerk@gmail.com

Contact for Housebound Sick Visits/Communion

The Revd Martin : 01942 883313 atmcteamrector@gmail.com

Information regarding the Sunday Club

Miss Christine Howell / Mrs Audrey Hayes via tyldesleystgeorgechurch@gmail.com


Mr Roy Kennedy: 01942 874840

Church Flowers

Mrs Lynne Fearick: 01204 654644