• St. Georges Church New Dias

    The new dias has improved accessibilty for all parishioners; particularly those with mobility problems when receiving communion or a blessing and also brings clergy and the congregation closer together during services.

    Place of Welcome

    St. Georges have now been open on Friday mornings for over 12 months; from 10am - 12 noon and we recently created a space to offer more comfort for visitors both on these days and following services and events.

    We provide tea, coffee, biscuits and toast/fruit loaf in a welcoming environment. Please join us for to either meet and natter or sit in quiet reflection.

    It is also an opportunity to view our beautiful church, meet members of the congregation & Clergy and find out what we do.

    We look forward to seeing you




    Parish Church of Saint George (St Georges'Church)


    Elliott Street, Tyldesley

    M29 8GX


    The United Benefice of Astley, Tyldesley & Mosley Common

    a Team Ministry made up of

         St. George's Church Tyldesley 

     St. John's Church Mosley Common.

    St. Stephen's Church Astley


    Team Facebook Page


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