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Christian Stewardship at St. George's Church Tyldesley



In the beginning, God made human beings and set them over the rest of his creation as his stewards, to use its resources wisely in advancing his loving purposes. But God’s giving did not end there. For when we had turned our backs on him he brought us back to himself, giving his only Son to save us from our sins, and his Spirit to bring us to new life. It’s important to recognise that all we have, and all we are, are ours only through God’s gracious love and goodness.


God has bestowed these priceless gifts on us not simply for our own use but for the extension of his kingdom of love. And it is by the generous giving of our time, talents and money that we both show our thankfulness to him for all he has done for us, and at the same time share with him in making the world a better place. For that reason, giving can often be a means of grace, deepening our relationship with him who has given us so much.   

What we are able to give will vary from person to person, dependent on our own personal circumstances. However, our giving is a measure of how thankful we are for all that God has done for us, and how important we consider it to be that through his Church his loving work continues today and into the future.


The Church receives no funding from the state and is dependent on voluntary contributions.

The Church needs resources not simply to pay the bills and keep its building open (in 2016, St.George’s will need around £60,000), but also to extend its work by embracing new opportunities for loving service.

If you would like to know more about how you can support the Church through financial contributions or become more involved in the work of the Church through the use of your time and talents, please contact Mr Iain Hodcroft via our Team Administrator - Susie: 07873 149627  atmcteamclerk@gmail.com.