Sunday Club 8th September 2019

Sunday Club 8.9.19 All Puffed Up

Our theme today was “Don’t think too highly of yourself “, based on Sermon4kids, “All Puffed Up”.

We talked about different types of balloons, when people use them, the fun we had with them last week and how clever Sarah and Tyler’s grandad was when he made balloon animals with the long balloons. I then went on to say, although balloons can bring lots of happiness they can also bring sadness and disappointment too – when a small child’s balloon pops.

I said that we are sometimes like a balloon (as I began to blow up a balloon,) when we get all puffed up with our own importance. We may be really good at sport (balloon expanded as I talked) or  perhaps we are a wonderful singer, or  good looking or smart or clever at school and we think we are great and expect everyone else to think so too but sooner or later, if we keep getting puffed up with our own importance, something will happen to burst our balloon, (balloon popped)

Jesus warned us that this would happen. The Bible teaches us that if we are too proud and think too highly of ourselves, we are heading for a fall. On the other hand, if we are humble and realise that it is through God’s strength that we are able to do these great things we will be given a place in heaven.

We talked about the things they were good at (their talents), and how these special gifts and abilities might be used for God

Everyone was given a heart shaped balloon to remind them that God loves them and  has given them special gifts and abilities to use for Him, and to remember not to become too puffed up with their own importance – or something may come along and burst their balloon.


Father help us not to become too puffed up with our own importance. Remind us that whatever abilities we have are a gift from you and that you are the one who deserves the praise! In Jesus name we pray. Amen


The group created a joint “Give your talents to God” poster using their ideas

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