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Sunday Club 8th July 2018

Sunday Club 8.7.18.

Jesus heals a lame man at Bethesda and the healing of a lame man by Peter in Jerusalem after Jesus returned to heaven.

The group talked about people who care for us today when we are ill, sad or lonely and the difference between now and when Jesus was alive. Many people at that time were disabled and had no one to help them so their lives were very difficult, but Jesus cared about these people and did amazing things for them.

The group listened to the story of Jesus’ healing of the lame man at the pool of Bethesda  and we went on to talk about how Jesus asked Peter to continue helping those in need when he (Jesus ) returned to heaven.

Michael read the story of how Peter healed the lame man in Jerusalem, in the name of Jesus and we talked about how happy both lame men would have been when they could walk and move about like other people.

The children then thought how difficult they would find it if they couldn’t walk and we played a short game of moving across the floor with their legs crossed, which they enjoyed, but it also made them aware of some of the difficulties the lame men faced.

We all agreed that Jesus still cares about everyone today and that he wants each one of us to continue  his work of caring for others, by helping those in need whenever we can. – By being friends with those who have no one to play with, supporting charities, sending get well cards to people who are ill, being kind to others and by praying for those in need.

The session ended with a craft activity - constructing the Beautiful Gate where Peter healed the lame man, followed by a prayer.

Thank-you Jesus for taking care of us. Help us to show kindness to others so that they know others care about them. We ask it in Jesus name.      Amen -