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Sunday Club 15th July 2918

The Israelites were becoming a powerful nation and the Egyptians didn't like this as they were afraid of them. the Egyptian King made the, slaves and worked them hard but as they grew in number the King gave orders to remove every new born baby boy. When Moses' mother heard this, she was frightened and she hid him in a basket made from reeds and placed the basket in the River Nile. She placed the basket in the tall reeds at the rivers edge; while her daughter Miriam watched out for him. The Kings daughter found Moses and although she knew he was an Israelite she brought him up as her own son and named him Moses. Moses, real mother became his nurse or as we know, his nanny as he was growing up.

Despite Moses being brought up as an Egyptian he never forgot that he was an Israelite.

The main focus of our story today was, 'God speaks to Moses and He speaks to us.

Michael read the story of Moses and the Burning Bush from Exodus. Prior to the Sunday Club starting Christine and Audrey hid cardboard shoe cutouts around the vestry for Michael and Nancy to find. These when placed together said,

" Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is Holy Ground."

The children then made a beautiful poster each for the story, as shown below & in the Photo section

Our closing prayer before leaving the vestry was:

Father, we are gathered in your name. Just as you spoke to Moses long ago speak to our hearts today. in Jesus name we pray. Amen