Sunday Club 9th December 2018


Preparing our hearts for Jesus coming (2nd Sunday of Advent) (information from Sermon4kids)

Christine asked "Do any of your families have plans to travel during the Christmas holidays"? "Do any of you ever go to visit family and friends who do not live close by"?  and contined with 'we used to travel sometimes to relatives during the Christmas holiday's.

Some of my favourite memories of the Christmas holidays were times when we visited my Grandparents. On many occasions while travelling we would see roadworks as the roads were being repaired. There were signs that said things like “slow down”, especially when roads were being constructed. What else do we often see when roads are being repaired? Yes; people. I used to think how nice it would be when the road was finished but as the years have gone by there is often construction of some kind taking part. When one part of a big road is repaired there is often another part that needs doing next.

My memories of travelling at Christmas reminds me of a story in the Bible that tells us that God sent a man named John to prepare the way for the coming of Jesus. John told the people to make a road/highway in the desert for their God. He told them to make the crooked ways straight and the rough places smooth. John wasn’t really talking about building a road upon which Jesus would travel. He was really talking about the hearts of the people. He was calling people to prepare their hearts to receive Jesus so that he could walk among them and live with them.

During this special season of the year when we celebrate Jesus’ birth and look forward to the day when He will come again, you and I need to make sure that we are ready. We need to look into our hearts and ask God to make our crooked ways straight and smooth out the rough places. Oh, I know, we have done it before, but it is just like the road to my grandparents, the job was never finished. Every day we do things that we shouldn’t do and we need to ask God to forgive us and to make our hearts clean.

Prayer: Dear Father, prepare our hearts for Jesus’ return. Make our crooked ways straight and our rough places smooth. On Jesus’ name we pray. Amen

Activites Included: each child and leader contstructing one or two sections of a Christmas Tree as shown below and making a Christmas card.