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Sunday Club 8th December 2019

The Gifts that Jesus Brings

(adapted from Sermon4kids)

Only a few weeks now before Christmas. Audrey asked "Who’s excited? What are you hoping for? I bet there are lots of things on your Christmas list, aren’t there? And I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

But, no matter how many presents you receive on Christmas day there’s one very special gift we all receive that day and it’s the gift of Jesus.

A long time ago God promised to send someone really important into the world and John the Baptist talked to people a lot about this. Do you remember how John told people to change their behaviour and say sorry for all the things they’d done wrong. Well, after a while he was put in prison by those who didn’t like him saying all these things. But, although he was in prison, he still heard about all the wonderful things Jesus was doing, and so he sent a message with his friends to Jesus. The message was, “Ask Jesus he if he is the Messiah we have been expecting, or should we continue to watch for someone else?”

When Jesus was asked that question, he answered, “Return to John and tell him what you have seen and heard. People who are blind can see again. Deaf people can hear. The lame can walk. Those with leprosy have been cured. People are hearing the good news and the dead have come back to life. So, what do you think, am I the important person from God?

What do you think? Yes, if you were blind what better gift could you receive than to be able to see? If you were deaf to be able to hear, or infirmed in any way and be healed, to be dead and brought back to life? Oh, by the way, that last gift I mentioned …. the gift of life. That is the real meaning of Christmas. - Jesus came to earth to give us life …. eternal life! Life in heaven. What a gift!

So, when you open all your presents this Christmas don’t forget to say thank you to God too for his special gift of Jesus.


Prayer:  Dear Lord, every good gift we receive comes from you and we thank you God for Jesus, your greatest gift to us. We thank you in Jesus’ name, Amen



Who am I? quiz. (guessing who from the Bible from the clues given)

We made a key ring gift. 

We decorated and made ornaments for the Sunday Club Christmas Tree.