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Sunday Club 6th May 2018

Today we looked at a different miracle from those we have discussed in the past few weeks. It was not one about healing the sick or about prroviding food for Jesus' followers. It was about Jesus bringing a man called Lazarus back from the dead.

Michael read a summary of the story 'Jesus Gives Life':

Martha, mary and Lazarus lived in a town called Bethany. One day, Lazarus died. Jesus went to Bethany.

Martha went to meet him. She was upset. "Jesus, she said, "if only you had been here, Lazarus would not have died.£

Jesus said, "Lazarus will live again."

Mary went to meet Jesus. She was crying. "Jesus," she said, "if only you had been here, Lazarus would not have died."

"Where is he?" asked Jesus.

Jesus went to the cave where Lazarus' body had been put. Now Jesus was crying too. Jesus talked to God. "Father God, thank you for answering my prayer,," he said.

Then Jesus called: "Lazarus! Come out!"

And Lazarus came out from the cave. He was not dead. he is alive again! Jesus had brought him back to life.

Following the story we chatted it in more detail and how there was a four day gap between Lazarus dying and Jesus raising him from the dead and why he had left this gap before returning to Bethany.

Our activities today included:

A two minute challenge: Alfie and Michaal took turns to wrap each other in toilet rolls in under two minute and then shout at the person wrapped as Lararus - "Lazarus Come out". On doing so each one broke out of their bandages.

The children then created Lazarus and his tomb from air dryed clay.

Images of the two minute challenge are shown below.

On returning from the vestry to the back of church Alfie and Michael completed a number of quiz sheets on todays topic.