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Sunday Club 5th November 2017

Today we introduced one of the Parables. We explained that a Parable is a story that Jesus told to give Gods message. The children read the story of the Parable of the Sower (simplified to the 'farmer sowing (scattering) his seeds).

We used the tray in the picture shown immediately below the describe how the seed (Gods Word) was received differently by people; depending on the type of surface it fell on. For example:

  • The sower; sows the word of God
  • The seeds falling on the path are like some people who hear Gods words but ignore them straight away
  • The seeds that fall on the rocks are like some people who hear Gods word, but only accept it for a little while until it causes them a problem
  • The seeds that fall on the thorns are the people who take Gods word to heart but then allow things such as money to destroy it

The seeds that fall in good soil are the people who hear Gods word and truly receive it and grow spiritually.

The leaders and children walked around the church grounds and look at the different areas and talk about whether the seed would grow or not.

On returning to the vestry they decorated and filled cups with soil and mustard seeds. we are looking forward to seeing how they grow.

At the end of the session they coloured in a scene and also assembled a hand held Poppy for next Sunday.