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Sunday Club 5th January 2020

Sunday Club. The Wise men’s visit to Jesus 5.1.2020. (Adapted from Scripture Union)

Today the youngster talked about their enjoyment of Christmas and I told them that Christmas hadn’t ended yet. Christmas doesn’t really end until theTwel(h Night – 6th Jan; which is The Feast of the Epiphany, the day the wise men arrived at Bethlehem.

We don’t know exactly how many Wise men came because the bible only tells us, some Wise men came from the east to worship Jesus. We do know though that they brought very expensive gifts to signify who Jesus was. Gold reminds us that Jesus is the King of kings

Frankincense, a sweet, smelling incense used in the temple to worship God reminds us that Jesus is God and Myrrh a fragrant spice used for burials reminds us that Jesus became a mortal man who would die so he could be our Saviour.

We watched a short video of the story and then looked at a map of the area around Bethlehem to see where the wise men came from.

God wanted people from far away to know about Jesus and when they returned home the Wise men told others about Jesus. God also told Joseph to take Mary and Jesus to Egypt to keep them safe because Herod decreed all baby boys under the age of 2 were to be killed so people in Egypt would then know about Jesus.

God wants everyone to know about Jesus and now we can tell others about him too.

Prayer:   Dear God we thank you for sending Jesus into the world for everyone. May we like the Wise men be willing to tell others about Jesus.       Amen

We all enjoyed the Wise men Rap and playing the board game “Follow the star”