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Sunday Club 3rd September 2017

Todays focus was about God creating Animals on the 6th day of Creation Week; after He made the World, Sky, Sun, Moon & Planets & Stars. God did it in this order so that the animals and people would have a place to live, water to drink and food to eat. He made a place where we could all live together and in peace.

We discussed how every animal has a reason for being here and how God was happy with all he had made. Beatrice read a passage from Genesis 1:20 - 2:4

We talked about our favourite animals and what special qualities they have.

Following the reading we made balloon animals as shown below and made ladybirds; having chatted about the smaller creatures & insects that God made.

At th end of the session we said the following prayer:

Lovng Father, hear my prayer, for all the creatures everywhere.

For animals both big & small

And for my pets - please bless them all.

(Mary Batchelor)



                                                                   A Swan & Hummingbird made by Beatrice