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Sunday Club 3rd June 2018

Jesus and the Rich Man.

Recaped last week’s session. -The story of the deaf man and how Jesus healed him and how Jesus always does everything well.

We then talked about how Jesus also challenges people and about different challenges.

We play a challenge game.  -  Who can stand on 1 leg longest? And decided that some challenges can be easy some more difficult and some might be impossible.

Told story  p19  Splash Oct -Dec 16

Talked about the meaning of Eternal life –Life with God now and with him in heaven – in other words it’s for always and it never ends. Awesome!

Talked about the meaning of the story and why Jesus told the story of the camel trying to get through the eye of a needle--  Jesus didn’t mean that someone who is rich can’t follow him or be his friend or have eternal life. He meant that people who make money or other things the most important thing of all in their life will find it hard to follow Jesus, and the man in the story thought his money and all his wealth was more important than following Jesus,

 If Jesus is most important of all and we do are best to follow him, then we can also enjoy all the other things that God has given to us that we think are important.


Used cubes to retell story.


Dear Lord Jesus, help us to give you first place in our lives.   Amen