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Sunday Club 3rd December 2017

To start the Advent season; Audrey spoke about being ready for Christmas and what this means for both adults & children.

As today is the first Sunday in Advent the question we should be asking is; "are we ready for the Christ of Christmas - for Jesus"?. Prior to the club starting; Retal and Karam lit the first candle on the church advent wreath with their Mum while a prayer was said. This candle reminds us of Gods promise to the world.

Audrey also spoke about John the Baptist and how he preached about what it means to be ready for Jesus. John was a different kind of man. He wore clothes made of camels hair and his diet was unusual as well. He ate locusts and wild honey and travelled through the wilderness telling the people to repent. John knew that God wasnt pleased with the way people were living and that they weren't ready for the special person (Jesus) that God was going to send. He told people what they were doing wrong and what they should do instead.

He also wanted people to know that God would forgive them if they were sorry and showed it by changing their old ways. He baptised them in the River Jiordan.

During this special season of the year, as we get ready for Christmas we need to say sorry for the things we have done wrong and ask God to make ours hearts clean so that we can follow Him each day.

Following on from the above the children made Advent Wreaths; drawing around their hands to symbolise the leaves and then decorated them in their own styles.


Forgive us for the things we have done wrong and make our hearts clean so that we are prepared for the coming of Jesus. Amen

Below is the wreath made by Audrey and the Childrens wreaths.