Sunday Club 2nd December 2018

Sunday Club 2.12.18.   The Christingle.


Today the Archdeacon came to bless all the changes that have been made in church, including the Children’s area at the back of church.

To help members of Sunday club appreciate the reason for his visit, the group remained in church for the service, working in the Children’s Area.

We began by sitting at the front of church to allow the youngster to see the first Advent candle being lit by Mrs Margaret Connor, which Emilia thoroughly enjoyed as she had been really looking forward this event. We then moved to the children’s corner and after hearing the story of the Christingle everyone made their own Christingle. The session ended with a variety of activities including the completion of various work sheets and a Christingle picture.

At the end of the service, Rev Cox invited Emilia to take her Christingle to the front to show the congregation. He then lit the candle in her Christingle and held it up for everyone to see.