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Sunday Club 2nd & 9th September 2018


Gods Protective Gear (information adapted from Sermon4kids)

Today (9th) we welcomed three new children Emma, Sara & Tyler to Sunday Club & also returning to us James and Max; along with our regular children Michael & Alfie. Also as James & Michael are celebrating birthdays this next week Martin asked the congregation to sing Happy Birthday to them after the service.

We asked the children, "Have you ever been given a bicycle or roller skates for the first time and wondered how you are going to get on using them?"  When you watch cyclists or skaters on TV or in the park I bet you are amazed at the things that some of them can do and wonder how to get started. Thinking about cycling; at first you may just stand with your feet either side of the bike to get your balance and start with your parents holding the bike steady on on a flat surface so that you don’t roll away or fall off.

You may think at this point that you are ready but I think we may have forgotten something. Can you guess what it is? That is right! We need to make sure we have the right protective gear. The first thing is to make sure we have the right kind of shoes as you wouldn’t go cycling in your slippers or football boots. What else do you need? (helmet, elbow and knee pads etc)

When you have all the right gear its time to go cycling or skating. It makes sense to use it.                    

Just as we need protection for sports, the Bible teaches us that we need protection in life. The Bible calls it the ‘Armour of God’ and tells us that we need to armour of God to protect us from evil ways. What kind of proection does the Bible say we need?

THE BELT OF TRUTH: The Bible tells to be honest and always tell the truth

THE BREASTPLATE OF RIGHTEOUSNESS:  Follow Gods way and always do what is right.

FEET FITTED WITH THE GOSPEL OF PEACE: Knowing Jesus brings peace to our hearts

THE SHIELD OF FAITH: Believe in Jesus and never doubt Him.

THE HELMET OF SALVATION: Jesus came from Heaven to earth to save us. Accept Gods love and forgiveness.

THE SWORD OF THE SPIRIT: is the Bible. It is Gods Holy word.

No cyclist or skater should ever get on his/her bike or skates without the proper equipment and you should never go through life without the armour of God.

Activity: The children had a choice to make peices of armour and chose to make / decorate a shield, Breastplate, belt or sword (examples shown below)

Prayer: Heavenly Father, thank you for giving us the protection we need to walk safely through our daily life. Help us to make sure we always put on the full armour you have provided. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen