Sunday Club 28th October 2018

Sunday Club 28.10.18   The Tower of Babel


 Alfie and Michael worked together, to built a tower of plastic cups as high as they could.

We talked about how they felt when they had built their tower together and then introduced today’s story.  ---

After the great flood, people settled in a place called Babylonia and they all spoke the same language. They all worked hard together building a big city and when it was finished they were really happy and pleased. So pleased they felt great and they wanted everyone to know how great they were because they had built such a wonderful city. They thought that they had everything figured out and that they knew it all.

They decided that if they continued working together they could build a very tall tower which would reach to heaven. They thought people would be sure to notice it and be amazed. They imagined it would make their city so famous that they would become greater too. They even thought they were better than other people in the world.      -   Then we talked about whether this was a good feeling and agreed that it isn’t right to feel better than others. We should always remember we are all equal in the sight of God. Everyone is good at something and we should respect one another and never think we are better than them.

Now God could see what was happening in the city. He could tell that the people’s hearts were no longer focused on Him but on themselves and on the tower which they were building and he was sad.

Who knows what happened next?  The boys were encouraged to find the story in the bible and they shared the reading to find the outcome. -

Yes, God mixed up their language so everyone was confused. One minute they were standing together talking and the next minute they couldn’t understand a word the other person was saying. It sounded like everyone was babbling. Now because they couldn’t understand each other they couldn’t work or live together. They stopped working on the tower and began to move away.

Soon the city became known as “Babel” because everyone heard it was the city where God brought confusion to their language.

The story points out that if we think we know it all and do our own thing we are really turning away from God. Remember we always need God’s help.

Prayer   Dear God, thank you for always being with us and helping us. May we remember, when we are tempted to go our own way, to focus on you, because we always need your help. Amen

The session continued with a board game based on the story, using leggo bricks and everyone had lots of fun. Before returning to the main body of the church the boys completed the tower of Babel Quiz.