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Sunday Club 28th January 2018

The Twelve Disciples

After an initial recap on last week session; Audrey spoke about how Jesus called 12 different people to follow him and be his special friends. Todays focus was on the first four people that Jesus asked to follow Him.

Two stories were read. The first one:

Jesus knew that he had lots of work to do, telling people about God; so he went to find some helpers. As he walked along the sea shore he saw two fishermen, Simon Peter and his brother Andrew, cleaning their nets. They had been fishing all night but hadn't caught many fish. Jesus told them to take their boat out again into the deep water and drop down their nets, Simon Peter and Andrew did as Jesus asked. They caught so many fish that their nets almost broke and the boat started to sink. "Come and help us", the two men shouted to their friends, James and John. They were in another boat nearby and they filled both boats full of fish.

It was amazing!

When they reached the shore again loaded with their catch, Jesus said, "Dont be afraid I want you all to follow me. From now on you will be Fishers of Men". Then the four men left their boats on the shore and became followers of Jesus.

We looked at a picture sheet with all the names of the disciples and Christine sang (classically un-trained!!) a rhyme to the tune of 'Jesus loves me this I know' to help us remember their names.

Jesus called them one by one,

Peter. Andrew James & John,

Next , came Philip, Thomas too

Matthew & Bartholomew

Chorus: Yes, Jesus called them x 3

He called them one by one.

James the one they called the Less,

Simon, also Thaddeus

Twelve apostle Judas made,

Jesus was by him betrayed.

Repeat Chorus

Matthias then took Judas' place,

to preach to men of every race,

Paul three preaching trips did make,

And went to Rome for Jesus' sake.

We played a game of transfering fish into a basket, using straws to suction them. Youth blew both Audrey and Christine out of the water when Alfie netted 36 fish.

The second story read was 'Jesus the Leader'.

Jesus was doing lots of amazing things but there was so much more work to do. So Jesus decided he needed some special friends to help him. He chose twelve friends to help with His important work. He chose twelve very differnt people. There were fishermen like Andrew and Simon Peter. Clever people like Philip and Bartholomew; Thomas and Matthew who collected money, two brothers like James and John and two friends; Judas and Thaddaeus; as well as James ans Simon. The twelve friends helped Jesus with His work and they told everyone they me about God. Jesus was very happy to have twelve friends, and they were very happy to be friends with Jesus.

Alfie coloured in the following fabulous picture and attached the net to represent the gospel story