Sunday Club 28th April 2019

Sunday Club 20.4.2019           Five Smooth Stones

Today the group were given a puzzle to see who could guess today’s bible story and these were their clues.

A bag

A stream

5 small stones

A warrior

A sling

A shepherd boy

Yes, it’s the story of David and Goliath

I’m sure you probably know the Bible story of how a boy called David fought and killed a giant named Goliath with only one of the five small stones he’d picked from a stream and his sling.

You and I may never face a giant such as Goliath, but we do face giants of another kind in our daily lives. We face giants such as fear, insecurity, loneliness and failure.

These five stones can help us to remember the story of how David defeated the giant he faced and they can also help us to defeat the giants we face.

Ask youngsters to choose a stone and tell them that four of these stones represent the different qualities David needed - courage, confidence, preparation and trust, to achieve the victory (our fifth stone – but remember it was David’s first stone that killed Goliath).  -  

The first stone represents COURAGE. - David wasn’t afraid to face his enemy and it also takes courage to fight the giants in our lives.

The second stone represents CONFIDENCE. – as a shepherd David often had to protect the sheep from wild animals and because God had protected him from a lion and a bear he was confident that God would protect him from Goliath. Like David we too can have confidence that God will help us overcome the problems we face each day.

The third stone represents PREPARATION. – David didn’t go to face the Giant unprepared He picked up 5 smooth stones from the stream and put them in his shepherd’s bag. Then armed with his shepherd staff and sling he went to fight Goliath. We too should also make sure we’ve done everything possible to be certain that we are prepared to face the challenges in our lives.

The fourth stone represents TRUST – David didn’t trust in his own ability to slay the giant. He told Goliath that he came in the name of the Lord God Almighty and when we face problems, we should put our trust in God not in our own ability.

The fifth stone represents VICTORY – Before he fought Goliath David said “It’s God’s battle, not ours”, and he was able to win the victory over the giant with only a stone and a sling.  When we turn our battles over to God we also will have the victory over the giants in our lives.       So the next time you are facing a giant in your life, remember the story of David and Goliath……..and the five smooth stones      

Prayer.     Dear Lord, just as you gave David the victory in his battle with Goliath, we know that when we put our trust in you, you will give us the victory over the giants we face in our lives.   Amen

The session continued with the Giant game which the youngsters thoroughly enjoyed– attempting to score a hit on Goliath’s head, followed by the creation of their own poster relating to the story.


Activities     Hit the Giant game.

Create a poster.   Michael & Sarahs posters are shown below

Colouring and word activities





Sarahs Sling                                                                          Michaels Sling