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Sunday Club 27th May 2018

Jesus Heals a man who can’t Hear.

And He does all things well.


We began the session by talking about how we feel when people whisper and we don’t know what they are saying?   Left out?  Sad? Etc. and imagined what it would be like if we couldn’t hear anything.   All the different sounds we wouldn’t know about – dogs barking, birds singing, people laughing when they are having fun, people speaking and also, if you couldn’t hear sounds it would be very difficult to speak.

Today’s story is about how Jesus healed a man who couldn’t hear or speak and how all the people who saw Jesus heal the man were amazed and said, ”Jesus always does everything to perfection.”

All of us have something we can do well but none of us can do everything well, only Jesus does everything well.

God gave Jesus the power to heal even though he wasn’t a doctor and he healed the man who was deaf and couldn’t speak completely

Today we have doctors and other people who help those who are deaf but when Jesus was alive doctors couldn’t do things like that.




Follow on activity

 We talked about other means of communication – signs, symbols and pictures then used various signs and symbols to communicate with one another.

We communicate with others through lip reading, miming words or phrases for others to identify and we played charades.

The youngsters then decorated a “Jesus does everything well” poster to display at the back of church as shown in the Photo Album section.


Prayer:   Jesus you do everything well. We thank you for all that you do for us each and every day.     Amen