Sunday Club 27th January 2019

Sunday 27th January 2019

Jesus in the Wildreness

Today we welcomed new member; Jack to Sunday Club. Audrey led the session and started by playing a game of 'Simon Says'. In the game we only did what Simon told us to do but in real life we should always do what Jesus would do and what the Bible days. Sometimes Satan tries to trick us into doing things he wants us to do that aren't right.

The children were asked if they had been tempted to do something that wasn't right. Perhaps accidentally broken something and a little voice (Satan) telling them not to tell the truth because they would only get in trouble. Or when someone hurts them Satan might say, "Hurt them back, after all they hurt them first". Or if you take something that isn't yours Satan might encourage them to keep it, saying that it will be alright as nobody will know.

Audrey asked "What would you do and what does the Bible tell us?" Do not lie, love your enemies and do not steal.

Satan even tried to get Jesus to do things that were wrong when he was in the wildreness/desert and asked that the children read and listen to the following story. Remember, before Jesus went into the wildreness he had just been Baptised by John the Baptist. Each child present read the following story in turn:

Jesus went into the desert. He wanted to be alone. Alone, so that He could think about the work God wanted him to do. It seemed as though a voive was telling him, "God has given you power. Turn the stones into bread so you wont be hungry."

Jesus said, "No, I will do things God's way. That is more important than having food." The voice said, "Jump off a high tower. Gods angels will save you. Everyone will listen to you then."

Jesus said, "I will do thngs Gods way. God does not want me to show off."

He heard the voice again, "Look around you. You could be king of everything."

Jesus said, "I will do things Gods way. God is the true king of all the world."

Jesus knew now that he was ready to do the work that God wanted him to do. And he would do it Gods way,

Before leaving the vestry the following prayer was said:

Thank you God for sending Jesus into the world to show us the right way to live our lives. Help us to follow the teachings of the Bible instead of listenbing to Satan. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

During our time in church following Sunday Club was were fortunate to be able to watch an gentleman be Baptised and then the children had time to colour and complete quizzes.