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Sunday Club 26th January 2020

Sunday Club 26th January 2020

Temptation in the Garden of Eden (Text taken from both Sermon4kids and The Lion’s Childrens Bible.)

We asked the children; do you know what temptation means?

Then explained that it is something that makes you want to do or have something that you know you should not.

Having asked the children if they haveever been tempted by for example biscuits or sweets that you were told you couldn’t have for example just before a meal, we discussed this further/

When we do things that we shouldn’t we disappoint people and especially God.

I  am sure you will all of heard the Bible Strory of Adam & Eve. When God had made the world, the Sun; Moon & Stars, the Sky & Land & populated the earth with birds, fish & animals, He made man & women – Adam & Eve.

God put Adam & Eve in charge of His new world. He gave them a lovely place to live with everything they need. Do you know the name of this place? (Garden of Eden). Adam & Eve were very happy. God had told them that there was one  thing they couldn’t do. They were not to eat the fruit from one special tree. If they did; God said they would die. So for a while Adam & Eve lived as God’s friend and did what he said.

But there was someone who wanted to spoil God’s world. One day when Eve was walking past the special tree the tree of knowledge of good & evil – she heard the soft, hissing voice of the snake.

The snake said “see how good this fruit is. Doesn’t it make your mouth water? Why not try it? The fruit will make you wise. If you eat it you will be as clever as God is.”

Eve listened to the snakes soft voice. She looked at the fruit. And she forgot how good & kind God was. She wanted to be clever like God and do what she liked. Eve stretched out here hand, picked the fruit and began to eat. She gave some to Adam.

From that moment on things began to go wrong. God knew what Adam & Eve had done as no-one can hide anything from Him. Adam & Eve weren’t God’s friends anymore and he sent them away.

An Angel  with a sword stood guard to stop them coming back.

Prayer: Father, we want to be like Jesus. Help us to say “No” to Satan when he tempts us to do wrong. Amen


The children made a snake.

We all played Adam & Eve Snakes & Ladders (with a twist). The twist being that before they moved their counter they had to answer a question from the Bible.