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Sunday Club 25th March 2018

 Palm Sunday.


Audrey commenced the session saying that today is Palm Sunday. – The beginning of Holy Week in the Christian Calendar.

It’s the day when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey. We tend to say donkey but it was actually a colt which is a young male horse (or donkey).

When people heard that Jesus was going to Jerusalem on that first Palm Sunday they were really excited and they wanted to go and see him. They knew that he’d done lots of amazing things and because they hoped he would be their King and rescue them from their enemies, the Romans, they treated him like a King.

It was wasked, "how do we treat Kings and Queens, important people or famous celebrities when they visit our towns and cities?   Answers included: Cheer, wave flags, put out the red carpet, line the streets and wait for ages, get very excited and noisy.

The Palm Story was then read from Scripture Union.

Sadly, by the end of the week everything changed. A lot of people turned against Jesus. But Jesus loves everyone and he wants us to love him too and welcome him into our lives. Are we up for it! We certainly are.


We all sang the words below to the tune “If you’re happy and you know it?”, while waving palm lleaves

If you want to welcome Jesus, Wave your palms (hands).

If you want to follow Jesus, Wave your palms (hands).

We want all the world to see

Jesus loves both you and me.

If you want to welcome Jesus, Wave your palms (hands)

Closing Prayer:Prayer:        Thank you Jesus, for loving me and being my friend. Show me how to welcome you into my life.  Amen

Our Activities today included making a donkey and colouring a palm leaf; as shown in the picture below. Alfie kindly allowed us to display these in Church