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Sunday Club 25th February 2018

Todays teaching was about how Jesus healed a paralysed man. The story shows how trusting the man was and how the love, faith and strength of his four friends made this miracle possible.

The story was read from the Lion Childrens bible, In summary, news spread fast that wherever Jesus went; sick people went to him and he made them well. There was no illness of mind or body that Jesus could not cure. God gave Him special power to heal and when the people saw what he could do, they began to believe what Jesus said.

There was one man who was paralysed and his friends were sure Jesus could cure him. The four friends carried him on a bed mat to see Jesus. There was a crush outside the house where Jesus was teaching and no one could get in. The four friends carried the man up the outside stairs to the flat roof, broke through the roof and lowered him down to Jesus.

Jesus looked up to the four men. How loving they were and what faith they had. 'Your sins are forgiven', he said to the man and told him to get up, pick up his mat and go home. To the delight of his friends he did.

We used 4 oblong pieces of card; attached with pins and during the story moved them into a number of shapes; e.g. '4', 'pointed roof', 'flat roof',' 'stretcher', ''upright man', & 'folded mat'.

Prior to the session  Christine painted a box to represent the flat roofed house and attached stairs to the side and cut a hole in the roof. During the session we attached a door and shutters and Alfie made the stretcher, paralysed man and teachers of law for the inside. Audrey made Jesus to finish the piece. (Shown below)

Before leaving the vestry we said the following prayer:Lord God, you are my strength. Hold my hand in my weakness and teach my heart to fly. With you there is nothing to fear, nothing to worry about. Hold me tight in your embrace, so that I can be stronger than the challenges in my life. Amen.

To conclude the session at the back of church Alfie carried out a crossword and wordsearch to further strengthen this mornings teaching.


Flat Roofed House            Jesus heals the man        The Paralysed Man            The Teachers of Law