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Sunday Club 24th September 2017

Today during the Harvest Service we sat in the Children's Corner with two regular Sunday Club members. We talked to the children about a miracle similar to the 'feeding of 5000'. Today teaching related to the feeding of 4000 gentiles who had stayed with Jesus for three days listening to him preach. When Jesus recognised how hungry they were becoming, he asked his disciples to collect food and this amounted to seven loaves and just a few fish. Jesus blessed the food and the disciples were able to feed the crowd well and still have food left over.

We related to story to Harvest. Harvest is from the old English word hoerfest meaning Autumn. It is a season for gathering grain and other grown products such as fruit and vegetables.

A Harvest festival is an annual celebration and this was happening in church today.

Celebrations include decorating churches with baskets of fruit and vegetables. (Photos are available in the Photo Albumn)  The food is often distributed among the poor and elderly people of the local community, as will happen with the food donated to St. George's.

The children made a large 3D fish each and decorated apple and pear shapes for display in the Children's corner.