Sunday Club 24th February 2019

Sunday Club 24 .2.19.

Jesus Cares


The session began by asking the question - Who knows a story from the Bible that tells us how Jesus cared for people? To which they responded with various Bible stories we had covered in Sunday Club.

There are lots of stories, which tell us that Jesus responded to peoples’ needs through his actions.

Today’s story was about how Jesus responded to the needs of a widow who was very sad because her only son had died.

We talked about how a widow is a woman whose husband has died and how women at that time were completely dependent on men for everything, so now her only son had died as well as her husband she probably wouldn’t have had any money for food and no doubt would soon become homeless.

Penniless and alone, her future would be very bleak unless a relative came to help her.

Jesus knew this and wanted to help.

Today’s story

Jesus helps a woman.

Luke 7: 11-17

One day Jesus and his friends were walking along the road to Nain. As they came near to the town, they met a very sad group of people coming out of the town gate.

A young man had died and the people were on their way with his mother to bury him

When Jesus saw the woman, he felt sorry for her. He wanted to help her and said “Don’t cry.”

Jesus went over to where the boy lay, touched the stretcher and said, “Young man get up.”

The boy sat up and began to speak, and Jesus gave him back to his mother.

Everyone stared in amazement. “Wow, did you see that?” they said to each other. “God has done this. Jesus is amazing. God has come to his people!

The boy and his mother hugged each other. They laughed and they cried at the same time because they were so happy to be together again.


How did Jesus respond to the widow’s situation?  Yes, he gave her son back to her, by bringing him back to life. No wonder everyone was amazed.

Jesus didn’t just dismiss what had happened and say, “Oh well, there, there…………and carry on walking with his friends, he showed compassion and actually did something positive to help the widow because he cared about her.

Jesus still cares for us today but he also wants us to show others that we care for them.

The group then suggested various ideas.

  • Listen to what others have to say
  • Say “Thank you” when someone does something nice for you
  • Write a kind note to someone
  • Share your snack with them
  • Give a small gift to some one
  • Help someone etc

There are many ways we can show someone we care for them and the best way is by the nice things we do for others, each and every day. So, remember, simple acts of kindness can say just as much or even more than sending a gift.



Dear God, Jesus showed us how to care for one another. Help us to follow his example and show others we care through acts of kindness towards them.Amen


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