Sunday Club 23rd June 2019

Sunday Club 23.6.19.   The Holy Trinity

We began the session talking about mystery stories which the boys said they liked.

I told them that just recently I had heard about a very unusual mystery book, titled “What Really Happened to Humpty Dumpty”: From the files of a Hard-Boiled detective. I said I thought it was a joke but apparently it does exist and they can see video clip of the beginning of the story on Youtube.

We all know that Humpty had a great fall but in this book, Humpty’s brother Joe Dumpty who is a detective investigates to try to find out what really happened. Did Humpty fall or was he pushed off that wall? If he was pushed, who did it, or is it still a mystery?

I left that one with them and introduced a different kind of mystery, the mystery of the Holy Trinity

Who knows what trinity means? Three.

How many Gods does the bible tell us there are? Yes, the bible says there is “One God and Father of all” but God is made up of three persons – the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and that is what we call the Holy Trinity or Trinity.

Although it sounds simple the Trinity is hard to understand. It’s a mystery to us – Something we can think about wonder about.

People have used many different things to explain the Trinity and today, because we’ve just been talking been talking about Humpty Dumpty, I’m going to use an egg.

Holding up a Hard-boiled egg I asked “How many eggs do you see?” That’s right one, but as you probably know it’s made up of three parts. The shell (peel). The next part you see is the white. Now I’m going to cut the egg in half. What do you see? Right, the yolk – but only one egg.

In the same way, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are three persons but only ONE God! Mystery solved!

Let’s pray

Dear God, we thank you for being all powerful and all-knowing and for loving us and we thank you for giving us the faith to believe the things in life that we don’t completely understand.      Amen.

The group then made their own Trinity triangle using coloured lolly sticks before completing a word search and colouring sheet of a Trinity Stained-glass Window.