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Sunday Club 20th May 2018


Today we welcomed Harrision to Sunday Club.

Audrey asked "Does anyone know what special day it is today in the Christian calendar"?

Penticost  -  What do you know? - It’s the day Jesus fulfilled his promise to his disciples by sending God’s Holy Spirit to help them.

Michael read the story: Early one Morning from Bubbles:

One day, Jesus said to his friends, “I am going away soon, but God will send someone elsewho will always be with you.” The friends waited in Jerusalem. They wondered when this person would come. Whatwould he be like? A few weeks later, lots of Jesus’ friends were together in a room. Suddenly, they heard anoise like a strong wind blowing. They could hear it all around them. Something specialwas happening. Next, the friends saw what looked like flames dancing above people’s heads. But they were not hot like ordinary flames. Then they all started talking in lots of different languages. People from other countries were amazed because they could all understand what the friends were saying. Then Jesus’ friends knew that God had sent his Holy Spirit to help them. The Holy Spirit was the person Jesus had promised would always be with them. John 14:15–16; Acts 2:1–4

After Jesus returned to Heaven, his disciples didn’t really know what to do and so no one told people about Jesus. But when they received the Holy Spirit they began telling everyone about all the wonderful things Jesus had done and more and more people believed in Him and the church grew. A bit like this balloon.

A balloon looks a bit flat doesn’t it? What does it need to “grow”?  The children said it needs air in it.  Your right. It needs to be filled with air! Before a balloon can fulfil its purpose, someone must breath some life into it.

The children chose a balloon and they were told – "as you breath some life into it – remember that just as the balloon needs to be filled, to be what it was intends to be, you and I need the Holy Spirit to fill us, so that we can be all that God wants us to be."

Michaal and Harrison inflated a balloon each which had words inside. They then popped their balloons to release the words as shown on the picture below. Addtionally the word 'FILL US WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT' were taped to a balloon banner (shown below) and displayed at the back of church.

Our closing prayer before leaving the vestry:.

We thank you Lord God, for sending your Holy Spirit. Thank you for breathing life into the church and we thank you for giving your spirit to all who believe. In Jesus name we pray.  Amen


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