Sunday Club 20th January 2019

Sunday session. New beginnings and Baptism 20.1.19.

 We began the session talking about the things we are looking forward to this year - new opportunities, new adventures, new beginnings.

Next week is a special week too, because someone is being baptised during the church service and we will all be able to be part of it. Just as January, the start of a New Year is an exciting time, our baptism is an exciting time as well, because it marks the beginning of our new life in Jesus

We talked about the meaning of Baptism or Christening and learnt about the significance of the various symbols and actions used during the service, before going on to talk about the baptism of Jesus.

John the Baptist was the first person to encourage people to confessed their sins and ask God for forgiveness and when they did, he baptised them in the river Jordan. They were baptised to show the world that God had forgiven their sins and they were washed clean. This was a new beginning for them.

Jesus himself went to John the Baptist to be baptised by him. However, two very surprising but important things happened when Jesus was baptised. Let’s find out - read Luke 3:21-22

Yes, first, the heavens opened and the Holy Spirit came down in the form of a dove and landed upon Jesus. The second thing was that God spoke and said, “You are my son. I love you and I am pleased with you.”

This was God’s stamp of approval. It was a new beginning for Jesus. He had the spirit of God upon him and following his time in the wilderness Jesus began to perform great miracles. It was the beginning of Jesus’ ministry here on earth.

God gives each one of us, opportunities for new beginnings. Let’s make the most of them as we live a new life in Christ through the power of his Holy Spirit.

Let’s try to make God proud of us by following the example of Jesus in our daily lives.

Prayer   Dear Father in Heaven, thank you for new beginnings. Help us to make the most of them – not through our own strength – but through the power of the Holy Spirit that dwells within us. In the name of Jesus, we pray. Amen.



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