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Sunday Club 1st October 2017


During todays Sunday Club session we spoke about how Moses and the Israelites had escaped from slavery in Egypt and were living in the desert. We discussed what a desert was and how difficult it was to walk to the desert and live there. As with many people; when things went wrong and in this case they became hungrey and thirsty, the people became angry and grumbled to Moses. In their anger, they wanted to return to Egypt.

Moses spoke to God; who provided what they needed. He sent Manna and Quail for them to eat. He did this every day until the Friday when he provided enough for 2 days, as He wanted them to rest on the Sabbath Day but have enough food.

We explained what manna and quail were and how the people had to collect them; which would have been tiring but would satisfy their hunger. We played a game of collecting foam disks with a spoon (one at a time) and placing them in a cup during a set period on time. This was to show how much effort it would take to feed so many people and asked the children what they would do if they collected more than they needed. This was to demonstrate the joy of giving to others; who were less fortunate and not fit enough to collect the food.

Using picture cards we played Snap and on landing on a duplicate card we asked the children if the item they saw would be something they would 'Want' or they would 'Need' in the desert.

During the later part of the session we made quail as shown below (drawn by Karam & Retal) and coloured a scene.