Sunday Club 19th May 2019 - Doubting Thomas

Sunday Club  - Doubting Thomas .19.5.19.

Today we talked about how hard it is sometimes to believe something someone tells you, when what they tell you seems impossible?

The group was asked if they believed I could connect two paper clips without touching them or that I could make a paper clip float?

After demonstrating it was possible the session continued with the story of one of Jesus’ disciples, called Thomas, often known as “Doubting Thomas”.

Thomas just couldn’t believe those who told him they had seen Jesus alive because he himself had seen Jesus die on the cross and seen him buried - how could he be alive? He wanted to know the truth and he wasn’t afraid to ask questions - questions perhaps other disciples were thinking too. He wanted to see Jesus and touch him.

Jesus knew Thomas was a true and honest disciple and so when all the disciples were gathered together Jesus appeared to them all. Instead of scolding Thomas, Jesus simply showed him his wounds. Thomas’ response was immediate: “My Lord and my God”

Without Thomas’ doubts perhaps we wouldn’t be as sure about our faith today. We need someone to ask the questions that we are too afraid to ask for fear of seeming silly or foolish.

But Jesus also said to him, “Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”

We haven’t seen Jesus with our own eyes have we and so the question is, will we be a doubter, or will we be one of those who Jesus said were blessed because they believe, even though they have not seen?

Prayer    Dear Lord, help us to believe in our hearts the truths we find in your Holy Word even though we haven’t seen them with our eyes. In Jesus name we pray. Amen

Following the prayer we had a “true or don’t believe” quiz based on stories from the bible followed by more amazing tricks for them to try.