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Sunday Club 18th March 2018

Audrey started the session talking about people who help us in our lives and used picture cards to demonstrate examples; i.e. our parents, medical staff, etc. We all gave examples of the times we had received help from others. Without help from others life would be very difficult. Who has helped you today?

One person who is always helping us in ouir lives is God and today we spoke about how He helped Josspeh and all the ups and downs that Joseph endured.

Being the youngest of 12 sons; Joseph was his fathers favourite and he was given a special coat by him. His brothers were so jealous and threw him into a well before selling him to passing traders. To make matters worse they told their father that he had been killed. The traders sold him to Potiphar; one of the Kings officers who was the captain of the palace guard. Joseph became Potiphars personal servant and went to live in his house. Later Joseph was put into prison for something he hadn't done and later released from prison to interpret the Kings dreams. He was appointed Govenor over Egypt and put in charge of plans during times when food was plentiful and when there was famine. During a famine in Egypt and the surrounding areas he was reunited with his father and brothers and gave them food.

All through Josephs life God was with him and God brought good out of difficult situations.

God is always with us too; helping us in our lives. How wonderful is that

Prayer: Thank you God that you are always with us. Help us to remember; even when things are bad you have a plan to bring good out of them. Amen

Our activity today involved decorating Josephs coat. This is shown below.