Sunday Club 17th February 2019

Sunday Club  17.2 19   Fruits of the Spirit.
Today we talked about the meaning of one of Jesus’ parables. The Parable of the fig tree
One day a man had a fig tree that grew in his vineyard but it didn’t produce any figs.
For three years the man waited for the tree to produce fruit – but still no figs! So, he went to the man who took care of the tree and told him to cut it down.
The man who cared for the tree then asked the owner to give him one more year to dig around the tree and fertilize it to see if the tree would produce some figs.
The owner agreed and gave the tree another chance.

After sharing the story, we talked about the meaning of the parable and what Jesus was really talking about  -  us and God. 
God “planted” us on earth and he wants us to produce good fruit in our lives. The “fruits” that God means are the fruits of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness and gentleness. When he sees these things in our lives he’s happy but if we don’t show these things by the way we live our lives he’s very disappointed ….. although he is always willing to give us another chance if we are sorry and want to try again.
Remember, Jesus cares for us, and his Spirit helps us to be the kind of fruit bearing people God wants us to be, so that we might produce lots of “good fruit” in our lives – The fruits of the Spirit. 
It’s about the way we do things when we follow Jesus.
We then talked about how they have shown acts of kindness, love, gentleness, peace, self-control, faithfulness, joy, goodness or patience in their lives, to help them realise that even the smallest good deed is important and pleasing to God.

 Dear Jesus, help us to have the kind of fruit in our lives that is pleasing to God. Amen.

After the prayer everyone enjoyed constructing their own special “fruit” naming every fruit of the spirit, which looked very impressive when completed.

Here is own made by Sarah:

Other activities included a word search and colouring sheets.