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Sunday Club 16th February 2020

Sunday Club – Passover -16.2.20

(Adapted from Sermon4 kids and Scripture Union.)

Today we talked about what happened, after God spoke to Moses through the burning Bush and told Moses to return to Egypt to ask Pharaoh, “To let my people go.”

 Moses however, wasn’t sure he was up to the job. He thought Pharaoh wouldn’t listen to him because he wasn’t a good speaker but God said, “Don’t worry, your brother Aaron is a confident speaker. I will send him with you and I will help you.”

So, Moses and his brother went to Pharaoh and asked him to set God’s people free. But Pharaoh replied, “No! I will not let them go.”

We continued the story of the First Passover based on the script from Sermons4Kids, emphasising how God still cares for us today and how he sent Jesus who died on the cross for all our wrong doings, if we believe in him and ask him to come into our hearts.


Prayer    Dear God we know that some of the things we do aren’t pleasing to you. We are thankful for Jesus who sets us free from our sin.  In him we have forgiveness. In his name we pray. Amen


Every year Jewish communities celebrate Passover to remember the events of the Israelite’s exodus of out of Egypt. Part of the celebration is a special meal called the Passover Seder. The Seder meal is a family occasion in which the children also take part. It’s a way of remembering and passing on the story to younger generations and it also reminds everyone that they are part of God’s family.



The Passover Seder meal.

After talking about the food on the prepared Seder plate as well as other items that play an important role in the meal, the group acted out the main events of Passover Seder Meal. The story of the Plagues was read by Sarah and the 4 questions, asked in turn by the youngsters, were answered by Christine.

Word sheets focusing on the Plagues