Sunday Club 14th April 2019


Sunday Club: 14th April 2019

The Road to Easter

Audrey led today lesson and explained that as today is Palm Sunday we celebrate the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem and that it is the beginning of an incredible week. On Palm Sunday Jesus was greeted by cheering and waving of palm branches. Everyone wanted to see Him. He was their King that day but later in the week people turned against Him.

We talked about some of the events that happended that week, which we call Holy Week; up to the beginning of the next week, which also starts with a celebration - The Celebration of Easter sunday.

The children participated and were knowldegable in the talk through of the events of Holy Week and read a passage from the Bible. They children put the event into the right sequence and completed a Road to Easter Activity sheet.

Prayer: Lord we are sometimes quick to say "Jesus is Lord" but slow to show it in our lives. Help us to be faithful followers. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen.


The children created their own stained-glass window (Shown below).

The younger children coloured a picture of Jesus riding into Jerusalem.