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Sunday Club 11th December 2016

Todays teaching centred around a number of surprises. The first on the Angel visiting Mary's husband Joseph in a dream. Prior to the dream Joseph had wondered whether he should marry Mary but during the dream the Angel told him that Mary would be having a baby from God and he should marry her and take care of her, which he did.

They waited for the arrival of Baby Jesus.

While Mary and Joseph were preparing for the arrival of the Baby Jesus, they were told that they needed to go on a long journey to Bethlehem. They were tired when they arrived and surprised again that Bethlehem was full of people and there was no room at any of the Inns. Due to a kind inn keeper they were given a warm place to stay in his stable. This was a surprising place to stay but Baby Jesus was safely born that night. The Angel also visited shepherds tending their flock of sheep and surpised them with the news of Baby Jesus's birth. They visited the stable and as a gift gave Mary and Joseph a lamb.

The following scene was coloured in by Emelia during Sunday school.