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Palm Sunday 9th April 2017

We were very delighted to have two children attend Sunday School today.

The teaching involved the story of Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey, accompanied by his disciples and the warm welcome he received. Explanations were given on why palms and clothing were used to pave his way. Pippa read part of the story with club leader Audrey. Also covered was how the welcome for Jesus was so short lived and how people changed towards him.

The following pictures were beautifully coloured by Pippa and Freddie


We sang and waved our handmade palm leaves to the tune of 'if youre happy and your know it'

If you want to follow Jesus, wave your Palm

If you want to welcome Jesus, wave your Palm.

We want all the woorld to see, Jesus loves both you and me.

If you want to follow Jesus, wave your Palm.