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Keeping Gods Promises 11/6/2017

Todays teaching was about keeping promises, using the story in the bible of Abraham (initially known as Abram); his wife Sarai and his nephew Lot and their families

Initially we chatted about the type of promises we have made in our lives and how it can be difficult at times to keep them but how God always keeps his promises to us. We chatted about what we would take with us on a long journey.

God asked Abraham to pack up all his belongings and take his family and animals to the land of Canaan which was a long and arduous trip. Abraham trusted him and true to his promise God provided a fruitful land for him and his family. This meant that they left all the people and places they know behind and set out for an unknown land.

After a period of time their were quarrels in the family and among those looking after the cattle as the water and feed for the animals became less but Abraham let Lot choose where he wanted it to go and he moved away and chose a green valley, which left Abraham up in the hills. Still true to his promise God guided Abraham to land where he could live well and look after his family.

Pippa coloured in the type of animals that Abraham would have used to carry their families and belongings on the journey and others for providing food etc which were taken with them.

The story will be continued in later sesssions.