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Jesus in the Temple (9th July 2017)

Jesus the Boy

During todays Sunday Club session we discussed Jesus as a boy visiting the Temple in Jerusalem without his parents knowledge. We talked about how worried Jospeh & mary would have felt when they first discovered that Jesus was not with them & their friends from their village; on the journey home.

Joseph & Mary returned to Jerusalem; searched for Jesus and found him in the temple, Mary explained to Jesus how scared they had been, until Jesus said, "This is Gods house, my Fathers house and I have been here all the time".

Jesus had been chatting to the leaders/elders in the temple and despite being only 12 years old was very clever in how he spoke with them.

Mary remembered what Jesus said that day for many years.

Audrey explained to the children that that this Bible story showed that even as a child Jesus wanted to spend time with God in the temple. He wanted to show his love for God by praying & singing in the Temple and he wanted to find out about God by asking questions and listening to the Leaders. This is just like we do in church. Its good to know that Jesus was once a child like each one of us and we can follow his example by showing our love to evryone and to God.

The children coloured and created a temple as shown below.

At the end of the session the following prayer was said. Dear God, help us to show our love to you, our families and to others. Amen.

Coloured and created by Pippa