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Sunday Club 8th October 2017

Following on from last weeks Sunday Club session; about Moses in the desert with his people, today we introduced Gods Ten Commandments or Ten Rules as we refered to them.

After a recap on last week; Retal and Karam read a brief story of how Moses climbed Mount Sinai to collect the Ten Rules. To explain the Rules to be age appropriate; items were put in ten empty water bottles. These were placed as skittles and a ball used to knock the bottles over. The children took turns to bowl the skittles over and on each go, the bottles were opened and the item attached to the appropriate Rule explained. Examples are:

Rule 1: A gold medal with a 1 written on it to show that God is the one and only true God

Rule 2: A bag of coins to show that we should never worship false idols

Rule 3: Contained toothpaste to show that you we should keep our mouths clean and not take Gods name in vain

Rule 4: A calendar with the Sunday circled to show we should pray and rest on the Sabbath Day

Rule 5: A picture of a couple to show that we should look after and not be cheeky to our parents

Rule 6: A pair of handcuffs to show that we should never kill anyone

Rule 7: A broken heart to explain that people should be faithful to their partners

Rule 8: A hand with a biscuit taped to it; to show that we should never steal

Rule 9: A piece of string holding three cards increasing in size and having 'LIE' written on them. This was to show how it is wrong to tell lies about anything and anyone and in telling a lie how these can increase in size.

Rule 10: A bracelet to show that we should never want for what other have; especally when it is something we do not need.

Following on from this we had placed pictures of people in various occupations who in our lives today would gives us rules to keep us safe. The children were given specific rules, for example " who would tell you not to run at a pool side" and they had to choose the right picture.

At the end of the session, the children coloured in a picture of Moses carrying the Rules.

The picture below shows the skittles game  the idea for this was taken from Pinterest)