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Sunday Club 18th February 2018

The theme for today was Love ❤️ 

Audrey began talking about Valentines Day and the customs of today and of the Legend associated with it. We shared ways of how we express our love to others and spoke about who we loved and who loves us; in our lives. 

The bible tells us that Gods Love lasts forever. He loves everyone and his love goes on and on. Alfie did a quiz (and was spot on with his answers); which looked at different activities and put them in order from requiring little time to complete to Gods love forever at the end. Showing pictures as a guide we all talked about all the wonderful things that God provides for us; because he loves us. 

A red heart packet was assembled and on one side 'Thank You God' was written and on the reverse side; ' Gods Love lasts forever. Alfie wrote on strips of paper all the things he was thankful for and these were put unto the heart. They were later included in the closing prayer. Also a heart was woven and this was presented by Alfie to his Mum. (See example below)

Closing Prayer before leaving the vestry: Thank you a God for your everlasting love; for your beautiful world and for our families and friends. Help me to love others as you love me. Amen