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Sunday Club 15th October 2017

Today we welcomed a new Sunday Club member; Ethan.

Our teaching today was about Jesus walking on water. The children took turns to read the story of this amazing event.

We carried out an experient using a bowl of water and various items to demonstrate how some things float and some sink, related to their density and how some items initially float and on taking in water sink later. The children made guesses on which would float or sink; before they put them in the bowl. The idea behind this was to explain how special it was seeing Jesus walk on water and how anyone else wouldnt be able to do this.

Following on we sang the following song; accompanied by tamborines (tune to Frere Jacques):

1. Where is Jesus. Where is Jesus

See Him there. See Him there.

Walking on the water. Walking on the water.

He is God. He is God.

2. Where is Jesus. Where is Jesus.

He is here. He is here.

Jesus is amazing. Jesus is amazing.

He is God. He is God.

3. Where is Jesus. Where is Jesus.

Eeverywhere. Everywhere.

Jesus is amazing. Jesus is amzing.

He is God. He is God.

Standing in pairs we used sheer blue scarfs to mimic the action of waves while attempting to balance boats that Audrey had made. This caused much delight to the group.

After a closing prayer in the Vestry the children colorured a scene of a choppy sea and a boat bobbing on the water and a separate picture of Jesus walking on a wave. ( shown below)