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Fur Clemt Project

Fur Clemt @ Tyldesley" has now produced tasty meals and snacks for two weeks at our local Start Well Centre on Poplar Street, adjacent to Tyldesley Clinic. The initiative has been staffed by volunteers from both St George's Church and St Stephen's. 

Currently, our 'pay as you feel' cafe is open on Tuesdays from 10.00am to 2.00pm, with a different menu each week.

Additional volunteers are needed as the intention is to open more days each week as soon as we have sufficient capacity.

Please promote FC@T as widely as you can, especially to people who would benefit from a healthy hot meal during the day, even if they cannot afford to give a donation!

FC@T is part of a wider initiative to 'feed bellies not bins' utilising perfectly usable food otherwise destined for landfill dumping.

See Fur Clemt @tyldesley on Facebook!


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