St. George's Sunday Club

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Sunday Club 24th September 2017
Feeding the 4000

Sunday Club 17th September 2017
Today Sunday Club - Healing of the Ten Men with Leprosy

Sunday Club 10th September 2017
This session was about a lady with a sore back that Jesus healed on the Sabbath day.

Sunday Club 3rd September 2017
On the 6th day God created Animals and People

Jesus in the Temple (9th July 2017)
The story of Jesus in the Temple as a boy

Keeping Gods Promises 11/6/2017
God will always keep his promises and never let you down.

Sunday Club 23rd April 2017
The study for today was the 'Lost Son'

Easter Sunday
The children celebrated Jesus rising again

Palm Sunday 9th April 2017
An overview of the teaching for Palm Sunday

Sunday Club 19th March 2017
How we talk to God

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